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Quang Music is a  music production, song writing, publishing and creative team created by Lars Quang.

We started our successful career as producers and songwriters in 2001, and  the team has songs and productions on more than 5 million sold units around the world.

In 2005 Quang Music started writing and producing songs for major artists in Taiwan and the Chinese market, reaching an audience of over 500 million people.
Our breakthrough single was ”Lets get in on” performed by the number one artist Jolin Tsai.
In 2007 Jolin Tsai recorded her new singles ” Let’s move it”, ” Golden Triangle” and ” Tacit Violence” in Quang Studio, also released on the album and movie ”Agent J”.
Since then Quang Music has produced and written songs for artist’s like Miss Elva, K-One , A-mei, 5566 Show Luo and many more.
Several of these songs was used for TV commercials by Toyota, Seven Eleven, Pepsi and Lux.
Quang News

Album: “MY SECRET”
Released: 29 October 2010


G.E.M. lets you in on her secrets! The highly anticipated third album from the Hong Kong teen idol revolves around the notion of "love" - not just the romantic kind, but a wide variety like love for God, love for family, and love for oneself. MySecret is literally a labor of love from the popular singer-songwriter, and the album's first plugs include Good To Be Bad and Get Over You, both penned by G.E.M. herself.

She recorded the album in Los Angeles, Quang & RnG wrote the single “The Voice Within”

GEM racks up 3 awards at the 2010 MetroRadio Music Awards:

Miss Elva
Album: “Miss Elva”
Label: Gold Typhoon
Released: 29 October 2010


The record company had spent a lot of money on the album's visual aspect to create 11 new looks for the Taiwanese diva, including the fan-favorite androgynous style. The album also has numerous surprises music-wise, with Elva has written five songs and produced three. Continuing the style of the hit song "Sparklingly Lovely" from the previous album Diamond Candy. The electronic dance anthem also impresses with some "cooler than 3D" visual effects in the music video.

Quang & Gade Wrote her single “Let love fly” together with Miss Elva.
What a great year.

2010 was a great year for Quang and our team. We have songs on 3 out of the 10 most selling artist’s in Taiwan.
No 1 – 3 and number 6.

1. Rashomon - Show Luo
2. The Era - Jay Chou
3. Myself - Jolin Tsai
4. Love Me. Hate Me. - Kenji Wu
5. Rainie&Love...? - Rainie Yang
6. Miss Elva - Elva Hsiao
7. To Hebe - Hebe
8. Together - Rene Liu
9. Shero - S.H.E.
10. The 18 Martial Arts - Wang Lee Hom

Artist: Jolin Tsai
Album: Myself
Label: Warner Records
Released: 2010


Quang & RnG i proud to tell the world that we wrote 2 songs on this album.

The album debuted at number one on Taiwan's G-Music Weekly Top 20 Mandarin and Combo Charts; and Five Music Chart at week 33 (13 to 19 August 2010) with a percentage sales of 35.56%[2], 24.25%[3], and 42.38%[4] respectively. It peaked at number one on all three charts for three consective weeks.

Sukie Chung
Album: Not the same
Released: 2010


Quang & RnG & Thea Hall Wrote the 2 singles “Material Lover & Wanna want you “

Still a pop freshman, Sukie Chung has already earned comparisons to Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani for her strong presence and charisma on stage. The younger sister of Canto-pop singer Sherman Chung proved her diva potential in two major TV singing contest shows in Taiwan and Mainland China. In November 2010, Sukie has come up with her debut album showcasing her unique attitude and versatility in music. Before the launch of the album, the record company even splashed money on the publication of a fashion magazine entitled S, which is edited by the style-savvy newcomer. Sukie prides herself on being different and adventurous.

01. Wanna Want You (feat. JR)
02. Material Lover

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