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Lars Quang started his career in the early 90's as songwriter and producer. He has worked in Los Angeles and London with people like Liam Sternberg, Gino Vanelli and Phil Manzanera.
He had big success with he's own band Breeze who had several No. 1. singles in Asia in the late 90's.

Lars Quang formed Quang Music in 2001.

Quang Music has been successful in the Scandinavian market by creating, producing and writing songs for the bands C21 & UNITE. 
4 top 1 Singles from the 2 bands, C21 later released and sold more than 300.000 Units in Asia.
In 2005 Quang Music started writing and producing songs for major artists in Taiwan and the Chinese market, reaching an audience of over 500 million people.
Our breakthrough single was ”Lets get in on” performed by the number one artist Jolin Tsai.
In 2007 Jolin Tsai recorded her new singles ” Let’s move it”, ” Golden Triangle” and ” Tacit Violence” in Quang Studio, also released on the album and movie ”Agent J”.
Since then Quang Music has produced and written songs for artist’s like Miss Elva, K-One , A-mei, 5566 Show Luo and many more.
Several of these songs was used for TV commercials by Toyota, Seven Eleven, Pepsi and Lux.
In addition Quang Music has been writing and producing for the European and American artist’s:
Belinda, Anna David, Jimmy Colding,  DJ Alligator, Zandee May, Nicolai, Katherine, Caroline, Rebel Angels, Lagoon Cowboys, Kudasai, Breeze and many more.      
Quang Music creates and develop own artists, and our latest projects ”Da Lawn” and ”Emie” are to be launched worldwide in 2011.

Alongside the music production, Quang Music have a creative department that has been helping develop the branding and materials for lots of the in-house artists. Besides the music industry Quang Creative has helped clients like: Radiometer A/S, Jyske Bank,, Renault, Canon, Dell, Lundbeck, Syddansk Universitet, Sennheiser and Widex with creative advice, graphic design, web design, illustrations, photography, cinematography, branding and much more.

January the 1st. 2011 Quang Music launched Quang Publishing.
The daily operations in Quang Publishing will be maintained by Ole Dreyer, former Director at EMI Music Publishing, Denmark.
Our current catalogue contains more than 150 songs & tracks available for pitch and sale.

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